Domino 10 Released!

We’re excited to see a new release of IBM Domino and IBM Notes.  I started using what was Lotus Notes and Notes Server back in 1993.  A lot of my personal career has been focused on this technology.  It’s still fantastic, although there were some years after IBM acquired it from Lotus that they made a lot of bad decisions with the direction of the product.  This was the perfect time for Microsoft to swoop in and work on the emotions of frustrated users.  There are certainly still two camps when it comes to IBM Notes and Domino, granted the ones that seem to still dislike it formed all their opinions, rightfully so, nearly a decade ago.

The IBM Notes client is built on Eclipse and Java these days. 

The IBM Domino server still runs on a wide range of platforms such as Windows, Linux and iSeries making it a fantastic choice for businesses that want pursue their existing investment, or move to an open source model reducing licensing costs.

Jason Baird

Simple guy in his mid 40's doing the IT game. Man of many hats.
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